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Meet Bradley

Bradley LeNart is an American millionaire, author, personal development coach, helicopter pilot and entrepreneur. He is also the lead singer and founder of “The Radio Dawgs” a new England based Rock Band which re-made the Tommy Tutone hit video “Jenny.”

He has over 20,000 likes on his Public Facebook Page before launch. His books are sold through Europe and Australia and include “Your Path To Greatness, Activating The Law Of Attraction, and Turn Passion To A Paycheck.” He is the founder of “The New Day Diet” a 21-day diet program and “Bradley Life Systems” a company that delivers programs for achievers, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Bradley’s live events include cutting edge strategies in personal development, spirituality, and on-line marketing. He is the executive producer of “Your Path To Greatness,” a motivational podcast. Bradley’s Youtube show “Living Full Throttle” is in the self-help genre and his videos, newsletters, books, podcasts, and appearances 
inspire others to LIVE THEIR DREAMS.

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Tara Diaz

I was one of the first to recieve Brad’s program “Turning Passion To A Paycheck.” It changed my life. Today, I have a business I love. I owe it to Bradley’s book and program.

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Shire Antonof

I came to this country not knowing the language. I read Bradley’s book and it was great. Bradley knows how successful people think and he showed me how to market myself. Thank You

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Susan Page

Bradley did a speech for our team, he started talking and everyone began to listen. It turned into a 1-hour keynote with Q+A at the end. He told us about his struggles and then showed us how he turned his life around. I was deeply touched Bradley’s story and character. I am proud to say I am acquainted with him. 

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Featured Posts by Bradley Lenart


with Bradley Lenart

Bradley's New Day Diet

Understand The Science Behind Metabolism.

Many people “live to eat,” instead of “eating to live.”  Food is often used for comfort and tradition in America. Bradley has studied in the areas of health and nutrition for over 30 years. Bradley’s “New Day” diet is designed to to raise the metabolism and shed fat. With this technology the body begins to metabolize food at optimum performance and also delivers more energy to the cells. “The New Day Diet” is a a lifestyle Bradley has lived his entire adult life. Learn from the best, feel great and shed fat WITHOUT CRAVINGS. This diet WORKS and will have you eating more food than you ever imagined. [Meals are scheduled every 3-4 hours].

“To lose weight, we need to eat.” ~Bradley LeNart.

Coming in 2017

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Your Greatest Recourse Productivity Training

“Go Getters” Training on Advanced Psychology, Physiology, and Productivity


Why do some people succeed and some don’t? It comes down to how they manage their time, psychology, physiology, and productivity. Think about it, if you can’t master your ability to get things done, your life becomes stuck. But if you take control in this area life changes forever, and fulfilment is yours.

(COMING IN 2018)

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On-Demand Online Courses

Troy Publishing’s Author Of The Year and America’s High-Performance Coach Trains You To Change

How can you become more confident and capable of achieving your goals faster and more effectively? How do you turn a passion to a paycheck? How do you influence others? What can you do to stay on top of your game, and join the world’s most successful people? Learn these topics and more in Bradley’s online courses!

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How To Be A Great Communicator

Advanced Performance and Training for the World’s Greatest Speaker

Bradley Lenart has worked with some of the best communicators and voice trainers in the world including KATIE AGRESTA, Katie is known as [The Voice Coach Of The Stars]. Katie has toured the world with Jon Bon Jovi and Roger Waters just to name a few. What are the secets to great communication? In this program Bradley shows you the most advanced and innovative speaker training in the world.

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by Bradley Lenart

Your Path To Greatness

“16 Secrets To Successful Living”

“Warning” These Principals Are Not Taught In The School System.”

Your Path To Greatness” is a powerful book that will inspire you to live your best life now. It will remind you of the magic you have available deep inside to find your “Higher Self.”  This book teaches the top 16 principals to living a life of happiness, purpose and drive.  [WARNING, these principals are not taught in any high-school or college curriculum].  “Reading this book is a transforming experience.” ~DR maxwell Swift Phd. Your Path To Greatness is your ticket to claiming back your personal power. High performance trainer Bradley Lenart reveals that the main motive we all have is the pursuit of our “higher selves.” Once we find our highest self, we begin to live life with purpose, drive, passion and meaning. Bradley ever so eloquently articulates how ironic life is because the only thing that really gets in our way is our own doubt and fear.

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Activating The Law Of Attraction

7 Steps To A Purpose Driven Life

This book reveals how you can activate the most powerful force in the universe, “The Law Of Attraction.” Feel more alive, productive and fulfilled. Find your life’s mission and find your “Highest Self.” Human beings are powerful creators, once we know how to harness “The Law Of Attraction” to work for us, we begin to live our best life now. (Coming In 2017)

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Turning A Passion To A Paycheck

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“The Internet Product Masterplan”

How To Make Money Online Doing What You Love

Turning Passion To A Paycheck reveals how everyday people can share their life’s passion and advice with others and earn an income in the process. Author Bradley Lenart reveals a 7-step plan for making an impact and an income doing what you love.

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Life's Second Chance

A Story of A Man With A Dream, Loss, and A Second Chance

This is an inspirational book about second chances in life and in love. It’s the story of a man who had big dreams. His life takes a dramatic turn after he has a serious accident. He found that pursuing success alone is actually a failure. (Coming In 2018)

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