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Meet Bradley

      Bradley LeNart is a leading law of attraction and high performance life coach, he is Troy Publishing's author of the year and a watched, quoted, and followed personal development trainer. His coaching specifies in the law of attraction, success, high performance, internet marketing and relationships.

  As a child Bradley had set backs which includes being homeless. To deal with the pain, he'd imagine himself on stage influencing people as a speaker or rock-musician. Living from house to house, young Bradley had no role model or father figure to speak of. Eventually Bradley scraped enough money to get Tony Robbin's "Personal Power" Program through a late night infomercial. Through Tony's content, Tony became a role model and "make-shift" father figure for Brad.

 After working very hard in his 20's Brad became successful, but it seemed  his childhood beliefs would always come back and take away any success he worked so hard for. After many painful cycles of "rise and fall" Bradley found himself critical at the Bridgeport Burn Unit Hospital. Bradley had smoke inhalation and 2nd/ 3rd degree burns to 33% of his body from a tool shed accidental explosion. Through his knowledge of "the mind-body connection" "-and healing," Bradley's doctor stated: "We've never seen anyone heal so quickly." Two years later, after learning to fly his own helicopter Bradley was involved in a helicopter crash, (a real helicopter crash) due to a 33-lb ballast weight that was incorrectly positioned by his flight instructor! (Through all this) Bradley somehow decided to find inspiration in the trauma and turn his life around. Today Bradley follows his dreams, he became a licensed FAA repairman and rebuilt his helicopter himself. Bradley dedicates his life to helping others find purpose, meaning and passion. Bradley found "the secret to living is giving" and "life coaching" is the best way to help. Read About Brad's Helicopter Crash HERE.

Today, Bradley’s personal development trainings have thousands of views and hundreds of students have completed his online video coaching programs. He’s created online courses and seminars in the areas of law of attraction, relationships, personal and professional development, motivation, confidence, success habits, helping men understand woman, leadership and high performance. For these results Gary (Killer) Kowalski  (Former Left Tackle for "The San Diego Chargers and Los Angeles Rams") named Brad A Top Motivational Coach and Top Online Coach.” Bradley's clients refer to him as "The Law of Attraction Coach" and "a top personality in personal growth, relationships, life coaching and achievement.” Bradley is featured in several publications and on the cover of the novel series "Red Cell.”

Bradley has been called on the stage with his mentor Tony Robbins as "an example of living health" and with other leading influential personalities. His anticipated live seminar events –named "a must-attend” by: "The Record Journal.“ 

  Brad LeNart is an American millionaire, life coach, author, seminar leader helicopter pilot, rock musician and entrepreneur. He is the lead singer and founder of a New England based Rock Band which re-made the Tommy Tutone hit Jenny- (867-5309).”  As a proud patriot Bradley toured as a lead singer through 17 countries and entertained thousands of American troops at and around American Military bases for the USO.

Bradley has over 17,000 likes on his Facebook Page before official launch and his book  "The Happiness Factors" is sold in America and Europe. Upcoming books include “Your Path to Greatness, Activate The Law Of Attraction and Turn Passion To A Paycheck.” He is the founder of “The New Day Diet” a 21 -day diet program, "Matrix" online programs and coaching and “Bradley Life Systems” a personal development company which delivers programs for leaders, entrepreneurs, men who want to understand woman, musicians, marketers and folks looking for self development and spiritual growth. Bradley’s live seminars include tactics in personal development, spirituality, relationships, leadership and marketing. He is the executive producer of “Your Path To Greatness” a motivational podcast which is scheduled to air on- "itunes and SoundCloud in 2020." Bradley’s YouTube show “Living LOA” is also in the self-help genre. His videos, newsletters, books, podcasts, phone coaching and appearances inspire others to LIVE THEIR DREAMS

"Brad is an example of living health." ~TONY ROBBINS


 ...The world's leading life coach, motivational coach and philanthropist.

"Bradley is a top life coach." ~GARY KOWALSKI


...Former left Tackle (San Diego Chargers), Defensive End (Los Angeles Rams).

"It is my mission to help people "Live Their Best Life Now." ~BRADLEY LENART


 ...American millionaire, author, speaker, motivational coach, online video coaching expert and life coach.

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