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"No Matter How Small You start, Start something That Matters

"Bradley Lenart is one of the top law of attraction, motivation and marketing trainers on the East Coast." 
–Gary (Killer) Kowalski (Los Angeles Rams), (San Diego Chargers). 

"Bradley is one of the Top 25 Most Influential Leaders in Personal Growth and Achievement on The East Coast.
"–The New York Times

"A true example of living health and a leader in the field of personal growth." -Tony Robbins.

Followed BY OVER 20,000 PEOPLE as a Public Figure on his Facebook  Page ---> BEFORE OFFICIAL LAUNCH! 

Bradley Lenart

 is known as "The Law Of Attraction Coach" an American philanthropist, millionaire, author, personal development coach, pilot, musician and entrepreneur.

He has over 20,000 likes on his Public Facebook Page before launch. 


Bradley’s books are sold through America, Europe and Australia and include “Your Path To Greatness, Activate The Law Of Attraction, Turn Passion To A Paycheck, and The Happiness Factors.””He is the founder of “The New Day Diet” a 21-day diet program, “Brad’s 30 Day Challenge, The Matrix On-line programs and coaching and “Bradley Life Systems” a company that delivers programs for achievers and entrepreneurs. Bradley’s live events include cutting edge strategies in personal development, spirituality, and on-line marketing. He is the executive producer of “Your Path To Greatness,” (a motivational podcast). Bradley’s You tube show “Living Full Throttle” is in the self-help genre. His videos, newsletters, books, podcasts, and appearances inspire others to LIVE THEIR DREAMS. 


After suffering smoke inhalation and 3rd degree burns, depression and surviving a helicopter accident at the age of 29, Bradley faced what he felt were life’s last questions: “Did I live properly? Did I love to the fullest? Did I make a difference?”        

His intention to be happy with these answers led to his own personal breakthroughs, and ultimately to his life’s purpose of helping others live their best life. He spent his 20's researching psychology and leadership, consulting and business. By age 35, he became a best-selling author at Troy publishing, he became an in-demand high performance coach, a sought-after speaker, and early pioneer in the online education space. 

Today, Bradley is widely considered one of America’s  leading high performance coaches (according to “The Record Journal.”). He is also one of the most-watched, quoted and followed personal development trainers from CT. He is a most followed Public Figure on Facebook and his videos have been viewed more than 90 thousand times. More than 20,000 students have completed his online courses and video series. For these results, Gary Kowalski (San Diego Chargers) named him “one of the most successful online trainers.” 

As a best-selling author, Bradley’s books include The Happiness Factors, Activate The Law of Attraction, Turn A Passion To A Paycheck, The Path To Greatness and more. 


Bradley is also the star and executive producer of the self-help series “Living LOA” on YouTube. His podcast Path To Greatness debuts in 2020.  

Bradley has toured as a lead singer across  multiple countries, and remains a Top 10 personality who brings "a bit of America" to our troops at military bases abroad for the USO. Touring for the USO includes England, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Germany and Italy to name a few. 

  His live webcasts continue to set records and have generated millions of dollars in sales.

Record Journal named Bradley “one of the Top 25 Most Influential Leaders in Personal Growth and Achievement” along with Tony Robbins-"An example of living health." Gary Kowalski (San Diego Chargers) calls Bradley “One of the most influential leaders in the field of personal growth.” 

Bradley is featured in several success Magazines including the cover of “Red Cell” in October 2016.

Bradley has shared the stage with Tony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Tim Ferris, LA rocker’s (LA Guns), Stevie Nicks of the Fleetwood Mack fame and hundreds of luminaries and business leaders including audiences from around the globe. Wellness Magazine ranked Brad's seminar as “one of the top 5 must-attends for all entrepreneurs.” 

Recognized as an authority on both human motivation, spirituality and business marketing, Brad is the recipient of the USO Award and was named a member of Tony Robbin’s and Dean Grassiosi’s “inner circle,” courtesy of


Live Your Best Life Now

At 29 years old, standing there at the mirror swollen, burned and with smoke inhalation just after an accident, I learned that life is precious and that life is short. Every day since then, I have tried to live my life so that I’m being my absolute best. I deeply understand that I have been given a second chance.

Despite public fanfare and my online persona, people are always surprised to discover how easy going and simple I am. It comes from my mom (who had her issues) but struggled very hard to raise us three kids and absolutely loved us unconditionally. And it comes from my dad, who reminded us before he passed from leukemia in 2009: “Always be yourself. Be honest. Do your best. Take care of your family. Treat people with respect. Be a good citizen. Work for yourself and follow your dreams.”

The praise is appreciated but this has never been about attention. It’s been about sharing what I’ve learned and trying to inspire others to find their own second chance.



...was meant to be a journey and every one of us has a very important mission to complete. I am with you in spirit, go out and give everything you got and as always remember to Live Your Best Life Now." 

Sincerely and Forever, Your Friend, Bradley Lenart

* Excerpt from The Happiness Factors