Dedication to Integrity


  • Author Of 4 Published Books [Available in America Soon].

  • Curator Of The “You Tube” Personal Development Show “Living Full Throttle.”

  • Founder Of The Self-Help Podcast “Your Path To Greatness.”

  • Over 20,000 Likes Before Official Launch, Bradley is A Followed, “Up and Coming” Public Figure on Facebook.


    After surviving a tool shed explosion Bradley went into depression and bankruptcy. After losing close to One Million Dollars at age 28, Bradley received what he calls “a second chance.” Inspired by his discovery that life is about learning and sharing knowledge, he quickly rebounded into a multifaceted entrepreneur. Since then, he has dedicated himself to helping others find their purpose. He is a growing force in the motivational arena.

    Bradley’s efforts are beginning to inspire people around the globe:

    • He is Followed by Thousands as an “Up and Coming” Public Figure on Facebook.
    • His weekly You-tube shows are viewed by the personal development community as a direct-to-camera personal development series.
    • His motivational podcast, “Your Path To Greatness,” will debut in January 2017. It will be over 30 weeks of top content within the self-help category.
    • His blog posts are ranked, liked and shared within the motivational genre. Bradley’s posts reach thousands of people per week.
    • He has shared the stage with Tony Robbins as an example of living health at Tony’s “Unleash The Power Within” seminar.
    • Gary (Killer) Kowalski [Former LT of The San Diego Chargers] describes Bradley as “A top up and coming influential thought leader.” Gary’s quote; “Bradley will one day be up there with Wayne Dyer and Tony Robbins.”

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Real-World Impact

Bradley Lenart is also the founder of “The New Day Diet” and “Your Greatest Resource,” the personal development program for busy achievers.

Bradley’s books are distributed through Europe and Australia. He has been seen on public television and has appeared on Local News, NPR stations,The Record Journal, The Hartford Courant, The New Haven Register and New Rochelle’s New York’s Daily Voice. He has also appeared in other popular outlets. His clients include entrepreneurs, executives, high performance leaders and every day people. Bradley’s advice, products and training programs have been sought by executives from The Marriott, several other companies and local high schools.

Though best known for inspirational, motivational and spiritual advise, 
Bradley is a marketing adviser to other 
marketers and public figures. His online marketing 
campaigns are state of the art.

Recognized as a thought leader in wellness, Bradley is also becoming known for internet marketing.

Bradley’s academics include Psychology and Masters in Communications and Business Management. He is also the recipient of the 2012, NAT Speakers Award. [New Haven, Ct,`1ST and 2ND Place.]

Before Bradley was a speaker, he was a lead singer and rock musician.

Bradley has toured through various countries entertaining American Troops abroad for the USO.
Bradley attained the USO “Certificate Of Appreciation” for entertaining American troops in Germany and surrounding European countries.

The United States Army also presented Bradley with the USO “Certificate Of Appreciation” for entertaining American troops at military bases in various countries around the world.

After touring the world as a lead singer, Bradley went through a slump due to childhood self-sabotage barriers. This resulted in years of struggle thereafter. He did restoration and house painting locally to get by.

After hitting “rock bottom,” these difficult times became the catalyst and driving force to take on a new mindset. A dedication to integrity and excellence became the foundation which allowed him to quickly turn his life around. These new understandings are part of what he shares with his audiences today.

Bradley is also a licensed FAA, VFR helicopter pilot.



“Bradley Is a Driving Force in the Motivational Arena.” -Gary Kowalski (2X Superbowl Champ, NFL).

“Bradley’s Principals Are Sound and Strong.” -Dr. Maxwell Swift (Author, PhD and Friend).

“Charisma infused with intengrity, keep up the good work.” -Sir George Myers (One Way Seminars).

“Brad Is Doing God’s Work” -Edward Kardos (High School Friend and All Around Good Guy).   

“We Are Happy To Have Bradley On Board.” -Scott Bernardstien (Troy Publishing).


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